“COMUNICACIÓN”  (Communication)

“COMUNICACIÓN” (Communication)

“COMUNICACIÓN”  (Communication)

Arte Mexicano NeoCrotálico / NeoCrotalic Mexican Art

Artist/Artista: Javier López Pastrana

Año/Year: 2020

Técnica/Composition: Mixta/Óleo/Tela/Resina   Mixed / Oil / Canvas / Resin

Medidas/Size: 60x80cm/ 23x31in



Reseña/Artist Quote:



This work is focused on the issue of "Communication" that not only occurs in the relationship of sender, medium, signal and receiver and the ways to decode the message, but also develop emotional, cognitive, motor and instinctive processes according to the nature of the message and that it interacts culturally in the heritage of each person, enriching and creating links with people from other latitudes.